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About Us


Our Founder: Helen Parlor

Helen Parlor was the founder and artistic director of MOTUS, bringing her depth of dance knowledge and experience to Milton Keynes. 

She had been working as a contemporary dancer, performer, choreographer and director for over 20 years. Completing her degree in vocational dance training at Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds.


Helen went on to professionally work with Scott Ambler (AMP), Jonathon Lunn, Banksy, Yael Flexer, Jamie Watton, Motionhouse (productions Atomic, Fearless, Volatile and Perfect) and Panta Rei Danseteater in Norway, Tanzania and Sweden.

Her ambition for high quality dance for our city resulted in thousands of young people benefitting from her work, the creation of new choreographers thanks to the opportunities she created, annual dance festivals across the city, and access to all, to dance. 

In 2023 Helen passed away, leaving her legacy of MOTUS Dance for the people of Milton Keynes. 

Helen set dance on fire for us in Milton Keynes, bringing her creativity, tenacity, and passion from her years of international touring and choreography. MÓTUS exists because of her commitment to both creating and developing dancers and using dance as a tool to bring people together.


MÓTUS and Milton Keynes were lucky to have Helen as a cultural leader for so many years and we are grateful for the uplifting, dynamic, emotional, challenging and funny, performances she brought to us.


Helen arriving in a room was like the light coming on – her warmth to all she met, massive smiles, keenness to say ‘yes’ and ‘let's do it’. 

Image Credit : Motionhouse 'Volatile' 

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