MÓTUS 2021 - The Universe & Me 

Festival of Dance


Here are a few highlights from our festival recently delivered. We are grateful to all of the companies that performed and to the artists who gave their time to realising our vision for the festival in 2021. 
We will be back soon with more details, thoughts and feedback from the festival.


Helen Parlor
Artistic Director


Universe & Me Two Day Free Dance Festival in Middleton Hall - centre:mk on 19th and 27th June. Featured some of the best of British Dance including James Wilton, Vanhulle Dance Theatre, Autin Dance Theatre, Richard Chappell Dance and Highly Sprung. 




Wake is a short film, commissioned by MÓTUS, about living with all the different versions of ourselves. Created by Inverted with original music by Aelfyn Shipton, directed by James Bonas, with filming and edit by Simon Becket, this is an original film created specifically for filming during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Narratively, Wake follows the same character (Tamzen Moulding) over time - habituating the same space, alone.  Wake reflects on the past ‘versions’ of ourselves and the deeply engrained memories that habituate our physicality.

To see more of Tamzen's fantastic work please

click here

My name is Tamzen I am an independent artist based in Milton Keynes. During the first lockdown last summer MÓTUS commissioned me to make a film. The result of this commission is this short film 'Wake'. The team working on 'Wake' would like to continue with the creative collaboration, if you would like to support our future work and have enjoyed watching 'Wake' please donate to our GO FUND ME. 


If you would like updates on what we are making, performing and doing -   please follow @invertedtheatre on instagram and FB and @tamzenmoulding on instagram. Here you can find more information about performances, workshops and classes. 

We hope you enjoyed watching 'Wake' and thanks in advance for your support.


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