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If you have a story or some feedback about the festival, send it to us via our contact page and we'll present it on this page! You could send us a written account, pictures or video - your opinions are incredibly important to us.


The festival featured -


24 Companies including 

77 Artists in 

44 Performances over 

2 Days at 

2 Venues


152 Participants performed work to 

767 Audience Members not including those watching our 

2 Live Streaming Sessions

'We thoroughly enjoyed the event yesterday - the atmosphere of an event is so important, and I felt the set-up made it an engaging, thoughtful and generous space for people to show their work.'


Lisa Spackman

Artistic Director, Two Thirds Sky

'The Motus Festival was a wonderful first for Milton Keynes. The event on Saturday 28 June at the Margaret Powell Square provided a good mix of professional and amateur dance, high in vitality. The quality of the commissioned pieces was wonderful and the large audience was very appreciative. The contribution from Motionhouse was particularly outstanding. On Sunday, performances at The Venue (a lovely theatre with excellent sight-lines) provided an opportunity to see companies that have not visited Milton Keynes before, Anjali and Finn Dance. Three performances by emerging companies were particularly interesting and the feedback given by the panel was constructive and informative with suggestions as to how the pieces might be improved. It was a great treat to see Theo Clinkard's word as I had read about it and now had the opportunity to enjoy the work first hand. The organisation of the two days was superb and Helen Parlor and her team are to be congratulated. The first of many such festivals, I hope!'


Lady Rima Scott

'...a massive massive thank you, congratulations and well done, first, for the chance to perform at the festival - it was a great performance - and second, from all the feedback I have seen flying around over twitter and Facebook, it seems like yourself and your team have created a real buzz and some great interest in dance and the festival to continue! 


Can I say again thank you so much for the feedback and the chance to receive feedback from the panel it was all very gratefully received and has been taken down'


Jack Stinton

Artistic Director, Jack Stinton Dance Company

'It was a real pleasure to work with Helen and the Motus team towards the delivery of the Dance festival. The programme was diverse and well planned, bringing a great mix of professional and community groups together to celebrate contemporary dance.  This is exactly the kind of ambitious project Milton Keynes' needs and I very much hope that this is the start of annual festival, which MK Gallery would be more than happy to collaborate on again. Well done!'


Simon Wright

Events Manager, MK Gallery

'MÓTUS was certainly a dynamic festival of dance for Milton Keynes. I felt the range of dance and movement styles was really impressive with such diversity of performers, choreographic style and settings across just two days. There was a really wonderful balance of performances on offer from works-in-progress, inclusive companies to professional pieces. As an audience member (and a panel member) I was able to give direct and immediate feedback to young choreographers showing works-in-progress. The whole audience became involved and the dancers and choreographers all had a chance to respond in the moment - a very rare and much needed support for new works. There were numerous workshop opportunities too and having spoken to some of those who took part I know that they really appreciated trying something new for the first time.


Sudden extreme weather conditions meant a swift redesigning of site-specific pieces and it is a tribute to both the choreographers and dancers that this was achieved with minimum delay. Overall the standards of dancing, choreography and staging was very high. I really enjoyed visiting a new purposed built theatre The Venue, which I hadn’t visited before. I particularly like the way a large gymnasium had been divided into different kinds of performance space to include both frontal , almost brutal spacing and then a very intimate square for the headline act. What a performance that was - Theo Clinkard!'


Penelope Best

Dance Movement Psychotherapist

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