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Extra Tasks

We're calling for people to send us photos from their walks in nature- earth, water, trees, clouds, stars, sunsets, rocks.... - from wherever they are in the world! These pictures will be used to make a collage from all over the world and they are the beginning point for a new piece for Motus dance! Looking forward to receive your photos!

Please send your pictures to us via fb message, instagram or email at  or!

Links and stimulus: 
FB: Vivian Tr
insta: vivian__tr
Vivian video:


Wednesday 1st July
blog article: 'What they didn't tell me when I decided to become a dancer' by Vivian Triantafyllopoulou 


Wednesday  8th July: 
Clair de lune 
(I have asked for copy for this section)


Wednesday 15th July: 
Completed Collage and motif video!
(Then to be uploaded)

Vivian Triantafyllopoulou- Resolutions festival- Emily Robinson dance

Have you heard about Resulutions festival? It is a festival for new choreographers happening at The Place theatre each year! The pieces presented are usually around 20minutes and you get lots of feedback and professional reviews! From this video you can also get ideas of how you can make a showreel- a video of you dancing that you can send for auditions! My video is made from Jamie Buchanan, an amazing film maker and dancer!

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