Extra Tasks

We're calling for people to send us photos from their walks in nature- earth, water, trees, clouds, stars, sunsets, rocks.... - from wherever they are in the world! These pictures will be used to make a collage from all over the world and they are the beginning point for a new piece for Motus dance! Looking forward to receive your photos!

Please send your pictures to us via fb message, instagram or email at helen@motusdance.co.uk  or info@viviantr.com!

Links and stimulus: 
FB: Vivian Tr
insta: vivian__tr
Vivian video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhhDIqRL56w&list=PLONbglcflcWjvEunb61H1m9U0QxAuoiQ9&index=55


Wednesday 1st July
blog article: 'What they didn't tell me when I decided to become a dancer' by Vivian Triantafyllopoulou


Wednesday  8th July: 
Clair de lune
(I have asked for copy for this section)


Wednesday 15th July: 
Completed Collage and motif video!
(Then to be uploaded)

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