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27th May centre:mk - Middleton Hall

MÓTUS are thrilled to present to you FEMMES FORTE, an exceptional celebration of the phenomenal work of women-makers and performers. With a lineup of breathtaking performances by some of the most talented artists in the industry, this event promises to be nothing short of spectacular!

From mesmerising dance routines choreographed by Mapdance, Alleyne Dance (BONDED), and Hive Dance, to the soul-stirring WomenEwer by Laura Kenyon, and the awe-inspiring performance by James Cousins (Female Duet), Femmes Forte has it all!


It's an event that's sure to leave you in awe of the amazing talents of these incredible women.

 come, be part of this fantastic celebration of dance and music, and witness the brilliance of these women performers as they take the stage at centre:mk on 27 May 2023.

Please see below the schedule for performers and times. 


We look forward to seeing you there!.


12:00pm MAPDANCE - Luke Brown 
Let Us Know Yo


Let Us Know You is inspired by Mihoko Ogaki's Milky Way Sculptures which represent Life, Death and Rebirth. This work looks at the body as a galaxy, the boundaries and borders that surround us and the infinite space we live in.

Link to Mapdance

Photo credit : Chris Nash MBE

12:10pm & 14.30pm  Alleyne Dance  



BONDED explores the construct of human dependency – especially that of siblings – and how time and external conditions can affect the synergetic connection. Choreographed & performed by twin sisters, Kristina and Sadé, Alleyne, the work takes the audience through a transitional journey of inter-and-independency.

Alleyne Dance is a UK-based company with an international reach. Founded in 2014 by the sisters, their choreographic aesthetic reflects their diverse background in athletics and dance training. Within their abstract contemporary construct, they blend Afro-Caribbean, Hip Hop, Kathak and Circus Skills, delivered as fast-paced and dynamic movement that relays physically powerful, yet graceful poignant performances.  Link to Allyne Dance  - Bonded

Photo credit : Lidia Crisafulli. 

12:45pm & 14.20pm - Hive Dance

The Way We Look 


'The Way we Look' studies our own individual perception of words, images and situations. Given the same information, our minds - uniquely formed, take us on individual pathways - in reaction to our perception at that given moment. 

Exploring situations of social communication alongside tone and circumstance - this work explores how individual perception and reaction is uniquely tailored to a given time, situation and moment. 


Music : ‘And Still They Move’ by Sarah Neufeld and Colin Stetson and ‘Brim’ by Ólafur Arnalds. 

Photo credit : Sophia Nasif Whitestone.

13.00pm & 15:00pm WomanEwer by Laura Kenyon 

WomanEwer is a beautiful ode to the body that ‘creates lights in the heads of women all over the world, empowering the harmed and shaping once mute spaces’. Based on real life stories from those who identify as women, this empowering piece of dance theatre addresses themes around sexual assault. 

The sewing of leftover scraps into garments and coverlets test women's resourcefulness to use what comes to hand to provide for themselves, even to the using of rags to clean and absorb menstrual blood. So here, multi-coloured scraps, strips and rags of varying materials, strung haphazardly together, fly around the dancers bodies in turmoil as they shake, pant and hug, stamp and spin, flail and fall. In the quieter moments, they hang quivering, suspended, much like their often unheard aspirations of a lifetime. 

All over the world, women fall victim to abuse, assault and rape on an everyday basis, even as they continue to be seen as nurturing creatures, whose existence should be devoted to caring and feeding others, always putting their ambitions on hold. These gestures play an integral part in the research and development of this work. The dancers explore this repeated occurrence to contrast the constant abuse with the daily caring roles and to challenge the limiting narratives of what it means to be a woman.  Link to Laura Kenyon - WomanEwer


13:40pm & 15.30pm The Secret of Having It All by James Cousins 

The Secret of Having it All delves into our moments of choice. When all has been said, do we hold on, or accept the end. Sometimes it’s out of our control, sometimes it’s about who we are inside, and other times, it’s not about ending at all but Zinding a whole other way of being... and beginning again.

In the aftermath of losing someone two women, performed by Jemima Brown and George Frampton, support each other and rebuild their relationship. The Zight & grit of their private relationship is interrupted as they must put on a dynamic public face. 


Link to James Cousins - The Secret of Having It All

Photo Credit: Camilla Greenwell.

14:00pm MAPDANCE - Kay Crook 

Winged Beast

The physically charged Winged Beast draws on the Greek Myth of Medea and the events that led her to seek brutal revenge on Jason. We observe a woman navigating the patriarchal structures that have cast her aside like a disposable object. An explosive power play which asks the question, "who is the monster?"

Link to Mapdance

Photo credit : Chris Nash MBE

16:00pm MAPDANCE - Gary Clarke

On Your Marks

On Your Marks takes its inspiration from the Dance Marathons of the 1930's that spread across America during the Great Depression. Blurring the lines between theatre and reality, couples competing danced relentlessly for hours, days, weeks and sometimes months for a grand prize of fame and fortune.

Link to Mapdance

Running Order


Time.                       Artist 

12.00pm.                 Mapdance - Luke Brown - Let Us Know You 

12.10pm                  Alleyne Dance - Bonded 

12.45pm                  Hive Dance 

13.00pm.                 Laura Kenyon -WomanEwer 

13.40pm                  James Cousins - The Secret of Having It All 

14.00pm                  Mapdance - Kay Crook - Winged Beast 

14.20pm.                 Hive Dance 

14.30pm.                 Alleyne Dance - Bonded 

15.00pm                  Laura Kenyon -WomanEwer 

15.35pm                  James Cousins - The Secret of Having It All 

16.00pm                  Mapdance - Gary Clarke - On Your Marks

Photo credit : Chris Nash MBE

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