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Art of Recovery

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With young peoples’ mental well-being particularly pertinent during and post COVID-19 our responsibility, here at MÓTUS, to youth dance was and remains a priority. 


Dance and dance training creates and encourages breadth of thought, innovation, versatility and co-operation providing a huge range of skills and thus developing its participants' vital transferable skills which allow them to be adaptable and assist in their versatility in future career choices. With 40% of our young people in Milton Keynes reporting feelings of loneliness and isolation (Vital Signs 2019) MÓTUS has strived to design a project to bring people and young people together through an artistic purpose.


The anticipated outcomes for this project were: 

• Young people to feel less isolated and more physically confident
• Young people to have increased skill, confidence and creativity in dance making and composition
• Young people have increased and improved mental health
• Young people have increased physical health and positive outlook with regard to ambition and prospects
• Young people to have more self-worth and sense of belonging
• Young people have more opportunity to take part in inclusive dance 

We, therefore, created a series of online resources including online dance sessions, social meetups and interviews with dance artists, choreographers, and directors to discuss processes within their careers as makers, performers, and directors. You can view these on our Artists Insights page on our website:

In 2021 we used these resources to roll them out to more young people in schools and youth provision across Milton Keynes so participants gained a deeper understanding with regard to the breadth of the approach used within dance-making/choreography and direction. . We worked with Katie Dale Everett, Thomasin Gülgeç, Oliver Russell and Antonia Grove who ran 12 physical workshops developing a live version of our online provision.


These sessions focused on a variety of approaches in the craft of dance-making with a focus on stimulus - what that could be, how to utilise it and develop your ideas around all kinds of ideas and starting points.


Street Dancers

Student - Cold Harbour school

‘It has 100 percent extended my knowledge and it made me think that dancing isn't just pirouetting round the hall. What i mean by that is that  i didn't really think that i could do it. I expanded  my abilities of dancing.’

Student - St Bernadette’s

‘I didn’t know very much before now I understand how to put my ideas together.’

Student - MK College

‘I found it new, exciting, helpful and inspiring because  it made me feel like I was happier  and I felt that I was a different person when I came away from the project because I was just buzzing with ideas’ 

Street Dancers

Student - MK College

‘It has given me the freedom to express myself as it has given me a boost of confidence to get out of my comfort zone and to not care about what other people think. I did feel this in the first workshop but as the sessions went on I learned more and came out of my comfort zone. 

Student - St Bernadette’s

‘I liked looking at the Diving Bell & Butterfly book - it made me feel I could express and talk about personal feelings and get them into moving.’ (Student - St Bernadette’s)

‘I was good when I had to move and feel like an animal - this let my emotions out’

Student - St Bernadette’s

‘I think I have felt differently in myself from the start to the end because I’ve felt a lot more relaxed and calm in my mindset. It was inspiring looking at other people expressing themselves’

‘I felt connected. We were given time to connect - especially when we practised this with Thom. I have been supported when letting myself go. I have started to feel more free and determined and ready to show proper emotion and life experiences. I have been feeling shy but I have opened up.’

If you are interested in talking to MÓTUS about booking an Art of Recovery Session then please contact

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