Are you between 13 and 19 years old?
Do you have a passion for Dance and Dance performance?
Could you be available for and committed to regular rehearsals?
MÓTUS Youth is recruiting for September 2022!

​MÓTUS Youth is currently looking for new company members to join from September 2021. Company members will participate in weekly sessions in term time and longer residencies in the school holidays to create new performance works with professional choreographers. 



  • Sessions take place on Thursday from 5.30pm – 7:00pm and start on the 16th of September.

  • The sessions are held at Wavendon Pavillion, Milton Keynes during term time.

  • Sessions are highly subsidised by MÓTUS so company members will pay nominal fees at £7.50 per week for a 1.5-hour session during term time. Bursary places are also available.  

MÓTUS Dance is committed to ensuring that the young people of Milton Keynes gets access to work with high-quality professional, not just from Milton Keynes but from across the country. 


In previous year MÓTUS Youth has worked with:
Mapdance, Jean Abreu, Julia Cheng, Urban Strides, Stuart Waters, Sally Marie, Nocturn Dance, House of Absolute, Helen Parlor, Laura Vanhulle, Oliver Russell, Vivian Triantafyllopoulou, and Hannah Pickett.
Throughout the year the company performs its work at various youth dance platforms across the UK as well as a whole host of opportunities right here in Milton Keynes including MÓTUS’ own youth dance platform JUMPSTART


Quotes from MYDC members...


"My highlight has been working with different choreographers throughout the year and this has then led to loads of different performance opportunities."

"It’s been great to work with professional choreographers like Jean Abreu and Sally Marie (Sweetshop Revolution) - we get loads of opportunities." Interviewing Charlotte Vincent


"Performing in public spaces in the city centre is really scary and nerve racking alongside all the other professionals but once you have done it you feel really good - it’s such an achievement."


"My proudest moments have been performing in general across the year - we get loads of opportunities like performing as part of Dedications and Jump Start and then we got to create solos for performance through the STAND programme. After that we worked with Jean Abreu which really helped my confidence and one of my highlights was working with mapdance who created a piece on us for Jump Start. It was awesome."


"Being Youth Dance Ambassadors for Adjustments means we get to see loads of work and meet all the professionals."


"Working with Vanhulle Dance Theatre online was totally different for me - a real challenge - but it made me feel like I was ‘out there’ doing it even if we were in lockdown!"


"Working on the solo project STAND got me to really open the range of ideas that I could use as starting points or develop in the dance."


"Working with Sally Marie on STAND was amazing, I got to perform my ideas in front of my friends and family and I just felt totally supported."


"MYDC is exciting, new and fun."


"MYDC is unpredictable, outstanding and unique."


"MYDC is one of a kind - it’s a rare opportunity; a massive experience."


"It’s just been great in general."


"The experience of working with so many different choreographers is incredible - I have loads of new ideas and experiences."



For more info or to join MÓTUS Youth send us an email to with the MOTUS YOUTH in the subject line.

Bursary places are also available.

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