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MÓTUS exhibiting at MK Gallery

The MÓTUS team will shortly be launching a new project in association with MK Gallery and the Youth Faculty using dance to explore our urban and often neglected public spaces. No stranger to sited work, the team will guide a group of young people through the processes and experiences involved in creating new and original movement inspired by various locations around the City Centre.

As an introduction to their work in the great outdoors, MÓTUS and MK Gallery will be exhibiting photos taken around Milton Keynes by our beloved and late friend, Legge, with additional material from MÓTUS director Helen Parlor. Legge was an inspiration to everyone who met him and his photographic equipment was never far away. Driven, enthusiastic, kind and always thinking outside of the box (of frogs!) everything and everyone inspired Legge to capture images unique to his eyes. He is very, very missed and we are so humbled to have known him and to be able to share his work with the public.

For more information on the exhibition, go to the MK Gallery website by clicking here.

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