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Do you recognise yourself?

Somedays is a beautiful piece of dance with theatre woven through performed by an extraordinary cast.


Who do you follow? We invite all audiences to rise up and be empowered: young ones, families alike, as we embrace choice, differences and simply you.


You are all super human. 

Somedays, life can feel like a puzzle, a board game, where we are faced with choices. These can be friendships, places and interest, and they each lead us to a new adventure.


And let’s not forget our differences and just how beautiful they are.


Exploring and navigating each day is like an open book: empty, ready for scribbles, sketches, dreams, the unknown, the what-ifs and if-only. 

We are looking for 1 male identifying professional dancer to be part of performances in May 2024! 

Click below for more information and to apply.

Somedays will premiere in spring 2024.


Age: 4+
Direction and Concept: Helen Parlor & Kate Taylor 

Rehearsal Director: Kate Taylor
Created in collaboration with the performers: 
Gavin Vincent, Hannah Woodliffe, Lauren Stewart, Hannah Pickett & Marta Beccatini 

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