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During the COVID-19 crisis Arts Council England released some Emergency Grants to support artistic organisations through lockdown and social distancing. MÓTUS were lucky to receive support through this fund.

Part of this fund was to work with and for Youth Dance and Dancers to create online resources to support young people making, creating and exploring the art form of dance. 

MÓTUS were keen to explore the process of dance - to illustrate it not only as a series of steps or learning steps - but as an art form which takes inspiration from numerous sources and genres. Part of our grants programme also supported ARTISTS INSIGHTS 

MÓTUS Education wanted the chance to provide our youth dance company MYDC and schools opportunities to access resources to help the education of dance as an art form which resulted in numerous resources about MAKING and PROCESS which we hope will be helpful.


These bite-size episodes will provide some insight into:


- Inspiration and stimulus

- Choreography including the use of motifs and through-line

- Tasks from choreographers who are currently working in the field

- Improvisation

- Collaboration of styles and techniques

- Use of spoken word and text within dance


Artists we are currently working with to provide resources for this section include:


  1. Vivian Triantafyllopoulou

  2. Kate Taylor

  3. Julia Cheng

  4. Hannah Pickett

  5. Urja Desai Thakore


If you are a school, teacher or young person who sometimes asks ‘I wish I just had information on…….’ relating to dance that you cannot find - do get in touch and we’ll try and help in some way. 


Please email:

Please click below to see more activities and resources. 

Choreography & Improvisation

Site specific choreography

Motif Development

Careers in

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