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Wake is a short film, commissioned by MÓTUS, about living with all the different versions of ourselves. Created by Inverted with original music by Aelfyn Shipton, directed by James Bonas, with filming and edit by Simon Becket, this is an original film created specifically for filming during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Narratively, Wake follows the same character (Tamzen Moulding) over time - habituating the same space, alone.  Wake reflects on the past ‘versions’ of ourselves and the deeply engrained memories that habituate our physicality.


Tamzen lives on a canalboat. She will be creating a film response in two parts, collaborating with a director, composer and a film maker using dance, acrobatics, and narrative. As an audience you will see what Tamzen's practice looks like in the situation of lockdown, in a small space, the literal situation of cabin fever that happens when living in a confined space alone.

Inverted Film

Inverted Film

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