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Unlocking The Dancer

From Roots to Grey Roots

Created and written by: Kate Taylor


It’s not always as it looks on the outside - being a dance artist. The journey is never all that straight forward with many U-Turns, 'No Entry' signs and one way systems. 'Unlocking the Dancer' has been commissioned by MÓTUS to create a resource for young aspiring dancers and to help guide, provide options and insight into the career of dance. Through many chats with Artistic Director Helen Parlor, we arrived at this concept together: a woven map of tales, experiences, knock-backs and lessons learnt throughout a 20 year career which is still developing every day. 'Unlocking the Dancer' is for all dance enthusiasts of any age. Fill your boots, reminisce with me, create and continue to re invent your pathway in the dance sector and beyond.

Enjoy - Kate

P.S There’s some really simple instructions on the intro page.

The hub to ‘Unlocking The Dancer’.

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