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The Helen Parlor Dance Bursary

Helen‘s passion and fire for dance will continue in her memory through the brand new ‘Helen Parlor Dance Bursary’


Helen played a crucial role in uplifting the art of dance in Milton Keynes. She paved the way for dance professionals, nurtured the talents of aspiring dancers, utilised the power of the arts to energise communities, and brought incredible performances to Milton Keynes for the enjoyment of the public.

To honour Helen Parlor, this project aims to continue her legacy.

In collaboration with MK Community Foundation and MK City Council, an endowment fund is being established to provide support for dancers and choreographers in Milton Keynes.

Join in Helen's legacy.
All contributions to this bursary will receive a matching donation from MK Community Foundation, doubling the impact of your generosity. For instance, if you donate £10, it will instantly become £20.

Bursary applications will be open in spring 2024 please complete this form to be notified of dates: Bursary Information Request

To make a donation, please click the button below

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