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Presented by Hannah Pickett of Hannah Pickett Dance

This video gives an insight into improvisation, improvisation in performance and choreography together with some creative tasks to try. It shares Hannah’s recent professional work, Score10, which is a live improvisational work of contemporary dance and electric and percussive music.


About Hannah Pickett Dance: Hannah is a Dance Artist and Choreographer based in Milton Keynes. She uses improvisation and set choreography to create dance with professionals and young dancers. To find out more visit Hannah’s website:


This video series is for young dancers to expand and develop their dance technique and practice during Spring/Summer 2020.


Useful for: school students, youth dancers and young people interested in artistic collaboration.

MOTUS Youth Improvisation(1)

MOTUS Youth Improvisation(1)

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For more information please click on the PDF Document below and download this excellent resource. 


Based on the elements of Earth, Wind, Water and Fire us the following sound score to make a solo of opposing qualities.
Think about dynamic, speed, quality, levels and facing to vary your dance delivery.
How are you feeling / what do you want the audience to feel?


Use the following music: 


Use Vivian's professional company if you get stuck to inspire ideas:

An international collaboration between Vivian Triantafyllopoulou's professional dance company based in London with the Athens based band Sevengill.

A choreography that explores motivation by observing human relationships. Where and how we find motivation and the power to move fowards - alone or with others. What makes us want to wake up every the morning and how can we influence each other? A unique meeting of talented dancers from London and the live music of the Greek post metal band that sparks a dance collaboration with a genre of music that we are not used to.

Performers: Christina Prompona, Jacob Elliott Roberts, Fanny Pouillot
Film link: (trailer of professional work)



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