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Founded in 1994 and led by Artistic Director Charlotte Vincent, Vincent Dance Theatre (VDT) produce powerful and engaging dance theatre work accompanied by extensive programmes of social engagement and professional development work.

Charlotte Vincent is considered ‘one of the UK’s leading female choreographer/directors’ and ‘one of the most important feminist artists working in Britain today’ (The Observer). VDT is an international ensemble of multi-tasking collaborators who devise interdisciplinary performance to challenge conventional values in dance and gender politics.


MÓTUS approached Charlotte Vincent, of Vincent Dance Theatre, to be part of ARTISTS INSIGHTS to explore the craftsmanship of dance making, planning and production with particular focus on process/research/form and impact within her work.


VDT is a National Portfolio Organisation, funded by Arts Council England and Associate Company at Brighton Dome. In Loco Parentis was co- commissioned by Worthing Theatres and Pavilion Dance South West. #VDTInLocoParentis 

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VDT is a National Portfolio Organisation, funded by Arts Council England. In Loco Parentis is co- commissioned by Worthing Theatres and PDSW. #VDTInLocoParentis


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