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MÓTUS Festival 2019

Photos: Jane Russell

Fluid in Flight was an original showcase that worked across 17 schools alongside 10 professional choreographers who used 'JOURNEYS' as their stimulus to create work with and on young people.

Each of the choreographers, working in their own styles which ranged from contemporary to musical theatre, engaged 2 schools with their original choreographic concept (1 primary and 1 secondary) and segued the 2 works together to create a final work for performance.
Over a thousand spectators watched the event and it was heralded:

'An experience of inclusivity – on the stage and in the audience. Wow! It was exhilarating!' (Francesca Skelton - Arts & Heritage Chair)

'What a triumph!' (Lady Rima Scott)

' A brilliant evening! We both left the theatre with huge smiles on our faces.' (Beverley Casling - Open University Milton Keynes)

' What a wonderful thing! 'I could see such joy, excitement, nerves and pride from all the students and their teachers. A fantastic event for them to be part off, and amazing to be on such a big stage like that.' (Antonia Grove, Probe, Vincent Dance Theatre)

Choreographers: Anita Mannings, Susan Kempster, Antonia Grove, Ceyda Tanc, Michael Joseph, Sally Marie, Chris Bradley-Goodship, Helen Parlor, Katie Dale Everett, Lee Smikle.

Schools: The Walnuts School, Sharnbrook Academy, Walton High - Brooklands Campus, Great Linford Primary, Milton Keynes Academy, Jubilee Wood Primary School, Stantonbury International and Langland Community School, Brooksward School, Bishop Parker Catholic School, Wootton Upper School, Portfields Primary School, Walton High - Walnut Tree Campus, Two Mile Ash School, Goldington Academy, Beaconsfield High School and Long Meadow School.

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