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Dancers: Sal Bower and Chris Brinklow

Since 2014/15 MÓTUS have been running their Adjustments evenings which is a chance for choreographers at ANY stage of their career to come and present work in progress to a live audience and feedback panel in order to 'check in' with audiences about (but not limited to!):

- Whether their work is communicating the way they wish to an audience
- What elements are working / not working in the desired way
- Questions that are brought up throughout the work
- Effects of the work on a live audience and reactions about the work
- Developments of the work and choreographic choices

The events are great talking points throughout our festival and programmes of work and have ignited lengthy conversations around dance and the making of dance.

If you are interested in taking part in an ADJUSTMENTS event then please do email: with 'ADJUSTMENTS' in the subject heading

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