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Imagining Otherwise

MÓTUS proudly presents Flexer and Sandiland's dynamic work featuring internationally acclaimed professional dance artists and a thrilling opening sequence by a local cast of dancers who train with Pagrav Dance Company.

23 January, 2024
Tickets on sale now!

Imagining Otherwise - key artwork.png

Imagining Otherwise is an immersive interactive digital dance work reflecting on our experiences of parallel time zones, places, and lives exploring the idea of multiple stories and possibilities. Immersive digital floor projections, shaped and changed by the dancers’ movement, evoke shifting organic landscapes interwoven with spoken text by writer Wendy Houstoun and music by composer James Keane.

Imagining Otherwise conjures ideas of geography, transience, and how we impact our environment. It playfully explores the infinite possibilities we have from our daily decisions and our wish for things to be different.

TIME: 19:00
DATE: 23 January
TICKETS: £12 full price, £5 concession

Limited availability - book now!

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Photo courtesy Flexer and Sandiland.

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