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Moving Grounds

Free community day to launch a regeneration project in Coffee Hall!

As part of a community regeneration project, Coffee Hall in Woughton will come alive with dance and art over the next six months. MÓTUS presents dancer and artist Josh Hoffman for exciting, fun, FREE dance and art workshops for all the community, and we will be gathering community input for the creative vision of the new spaces. 


DATE: 11 May 2024

TIME: 12:00-3:00pm
LOCATION: Barista Park, 107 Jonathans, Coffee Hall, Woughton, MK6 5EG

Find out more about Josh's creative process here.

Josh has been leading dance workshops with local schools and community groups who have fed in ideas for the revitalised public spaces. The community day will feature DJs, food and celebrations, all for free! 


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Presented in partnership with Woughton Community Council.

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