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Our ARTISTS INSIGHTS feature allows you - the audience - to delve into the minds of dancers and choreographers to discover and have insight into how a variety of dancers, choreographers and directors create their work. How does it begin, what does it start as, what does it become and what happens along the way? This allows you to see exactly what has inspired an artist to make their work - from inspiration revolving around social factors and situations, to being inspired by music or technology or being inspired by physical form - with particular movements, styles and dynamics. Artists and creators get inspired by many things - big topics to the smallest of detail and this section allows you the opportunity togain insight to perhaps inspire you to get making and collaborating.

MÓTUS are being supported by Arts Council England to profile makers, choreographers and directors who work in dance to talk about PROCESS. 

Process is key and integral to any dance work aimed at being watched. It requires craftsmanship and skill. Choreographers will have various methods at finding their stimulus, their inspiration for creating and this may present itself in various forms outside of dance to include:

- Music
- Poetry
- News and social circumstance and issues
- Political stimuluses globally
- An interest in form - but this might come from other art forms to include fine art, sculpture, photography - an endless list.
- Space, location, context and history.


This list presents just an introduction of possible starting points from which dance may start but essentially - the choreographer must be driven to CREATE. Without drive and reason and potentially a need - the work would remain simply an idea. Choreographers are driven through urge and inspiration to communicate things physically.


MÓTUS is working with 6 choreographers and makers at various stages of their career to provide insight into HOW they make their work.


The four commissioned artists and companies are:


1. Katie Dale Everett:
2. Tamzen Moulding:
3. Vincent Dance Theatre and Charlotte Vincent:
Thomasin Gülgeç 

5. Alleyne Dance

6. Urja Thakore



Vincent Dance Theatre

ANG AlleyneDance-A Night's Game- images

Alleyne Dance


Urja Thakore


Thomasin Gülgeç


Tamzen Moulding

KDE Empa.jpg

Katie Dale-Everett

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