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MÓTUS is an invaluable asset to the arts culture in Milton Keynes, and the surrounding areas. The team work tirelessly to cultivate and develop wide reaching opportunities in dance, for all to benefit from. The work of the festival is accessible and engaging; with opportunities for people from all walks of life to engage with dance in a variety of ways. Through the scheme, I have regularly been able to access bespoke sessions lead by highly skilled and experienced artists, of world-class calibre... I was privileged enough to receive my first professional choreographic commission for the MÓTUS: Respond festival, and the opportunity to present work in such a unique and supportive environment was incredible. MÓTUS regularly sees cross-disciplinary collaborations at its platforms and workshops, and the support of these explorations is something that needs support, which I am grateful to the team for providing. Since it’s inception, MÓTUS has offered me invaluable opportunities that are always of the highest quality, and delivered by a team of exceptional artists. The commitment of the team to the development, accessibility and support of dance, in all contexts, is inspiring.


Charlie Brittain, Dancer and Choreographer, Currently Training at Salzburg Academy of Experimental Dance

The Motus Festival was a wonderful first for Milton Keynes - which has been sadly lacking in high-standard dance events for many years. The event on Saturday 28 June 2014 at Margaret Powell Square provided a good mix of professional and amateur dance, high in vitality. The quality of the commissioned pieces was wonderful and the large audience was very appreciative. The contribution from Motionhouse was particularly outstanding. On Sunday performances at The Venue (a lovely theatre with excellent sight-lines) provided an opportunity to see companies that have not visited Milton Keynes before; Anjali and Finn Dance. Three performances by emerging companies were particularly interesting and the feedback given by the panel was constructive and informative with suggestions as to how the pieces might be improved. It was a great treat to see Theo Clinkard's word as I had read about it and now had the opportunity to enjoy the work first hand. The organisation of the two days was superb and Helen Parlor and her team are to be congratulated. The first of many such festivals, I hope!  


Lady Rima Scott, Formerly Director of Bucks Dance


Working with MÓTUS has been a very enjoyable experience.  It has developed and challenged my performance and choreographic skills and has provided me with the opportunity to work on site specific projects, which I hadn’t experienced prior to this... MÓTUS provide an excellent range of workshops and performance opportunities, which are suitable for all ages and abilities.


Katie Heaslip, Contemporary Dance Artist


Being part of the graduate commission, as part of Motus dance festival was a brilliant opportunity for me as I had recently graduated from the University of Bedfordshire. It gave me an opportunity to improve my performance skills outside of university and, gave me an opportunity to network with peers from other schools and universities, as well as with other professional dance artists within the area.  The process gave me more professional training in my performance skills in other areas, such as site specific work.


The day of the festival itself was great as it gave me the chance to watch other performances from other groups, from youth dance to professionals. It was a good way to share the work that has been created in the area, and as a recent graduate it was good for me to be able to meet other dance artists who I will possibly work with in the future.  


Chloe Tasker, Contemporary Dancer and Choreographer


Just wanted to say Thank you for involving Redborne in the MOTUS event this year. They really enjoyed performing and watching all the other artists which were fantastic. They were absolutely in awe of the Motionhouse duet!!


If the event happens again next year please keep me in the loop as we would love to be involved again. -


Emma Benjamin, Teacher at Redbourne School

Having recently graduated from the University of Bedfordshire, I was able to apply for and be a part of the MOTUS graduate commission, working with Stuart Waters. As a recent graduate it is essential to build up work experience on my CV, and with the MOTUS festival being situated in Milton Keynes, this was a fantastic opportunity to gain some professional experience without having to travel too far.

As a participant of MOTUS festival, I gained invaluable experience in professional practice, a deeper understanding of choreographic practices and performance skills, and experienced how to collaborate with dancers from other institutions. I have been able to take these skills, as well as an increased confidence to my further education in MA Dance Performance and Choreography and look forward to working with MOTUS in the future.


Tessa Palfrey, Contemporary Dance Artist

Working with Helen Parlor herself was very motivational. It was great to get the experience of working with members from a professional company, and it inspired me a lot with pursuing dance as a career. Having the opportunity to perform in MÓTUS Dance festival was an amazing, enjoyable experience which will stick with me through my dance career and life.


Phoebe Carter, Contemporary Dance Artist

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