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Saturday 29th June/Parade Of Colours: Art At The Lake

15:15 Saturday 29th June

Parade Of Colours: Art At The Lake

Willen Lakeside Park


CYBERNETICS Avant Cymru: Blue Scar

With science progressing at lightning speed how do we, as humans, connect and communicate as technology starts to overtake us? Avant Cymru's dancers present 'Cybernetics' a Hip Hop Theatre piece which communicates the science of automatic control systems in robots and machines alongside living things. This performance will be packed with lockin', poppin', breakin' and new flow mixed with surprising elements of theatre where the balance between humans, technology and control is pushed to its limit.

Art at the Lake is a large scale inclusive community arts festival run by Milton Keynes Islamic Arts, Culture and Heritage (MKIAC). This year the theme is “Creativity and Connection” where we are exploring the effect of the digital world on our lives and future. This annual festival provides a rich mix of culturally diverse international and national artists, including dancers, musicians and a vibrant colourful parade. Alongside the performers are the Art Marquees where people can participate in arts workshops and digital arts. In the Community market people can purchase produce and experience world cuisine from the many stalls. For more information go to


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