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Dance Networking for Schools

When: September 10th 18:00-19:00

Where: MK Academy, Fulwoods Drive, MK6 5LA

To Book: email with Schools Network in the subject line.

MÓTUS is working to establish a network event of dance, arts and drama teachers form schools across Milton Keynes and beyond, with the aim of enriching the offer currently made within schools through discussion and facilitation. The ultimate goal is to establish a stronger Dance ecology by developing links between artists, providers and schools.

Through the network, MÓTUS will look to offer and deliver dance activity that fits in with and supports current programmes, course modules and curriculum. Via it’s professional networks, MÓTUS will also be able to establish conversations with relevant companies and artists.

Since 2013, MÓTUS has presented festivals in 2014 - 16 and 2018, taking a year off in 2017 to allow the artistic team to lead on other collaborative events for MK50, a year long event that celebrated the 50th birthday of Milton Keynes.

Across the year, MÓTUS hosts a range of events including bespoke performance projects, JUMP START - a youth dance platform, workshops and classes at all levels and ADJUSTMENTS platforms - a space for new ideas and feedback.

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